BBB- Behind the Business: Primabee's Lightning in a Bottle

BBB- Behind the Business: Primabee's Lightning in a Bottle

Recently, Better Business Bureau interviewed Primabee's founder, Paul Bordé, to hear the story of how he started Primabee and how it became successful so quickly. 

An Excerpt:

"Paul Bordé makes tea from a whistling pot as he discusses his latest venture: Primabee, a boutique retailer of CBD products. 'Honestly, it went by me the first few times I’d heard about it,' he explains. 'I think, like everyone, I associated CBD products with a surfer culture. But it’s available to everyone; it can help everyone. Even golf guys in their 50s.'"

"Today, Primabee says he tries to bring a fresh perspective to an industry that lacks regulation and consistency across sellers. Bordé constantly works to debunk misconceptions about CBD, educating buyers through workshops and blogs. 'CBD can be an essential ingredient in any wellness plan, at any age,' he explains. 'You have to be mindful of your own wellness.'"

Read the full article here.

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