Can CBD Help with Allergies?

Can CBD Help with Allergies?

Allergies rank as the sixth most common chronic condition in the United States. Each year, more than 50 million Americans experience allergic reactions. It can significantly affect a person's life and cause discomfort with symptoms like sneezing, swelling, congestion, etc. If you're one of these people who suffer from allergies and you're looking for something to alleviate these symptoms, stick around until the end of this article to find out how CBD can help you. 

How does CBD work?

The ECS comprises receptors found all over the body and the nervous system that communicate with one another to maintain the body operating at its best. Endocannabinoids, which are chemical messengers, are produced naturally by the body. Conversely, hemp and cannabis oil are sources of cannabinoids like CBD. There is evidence that they interact with endocannabinoid receptors and may be advantageous when bodily functions are out of balance. 

The CB1 & CB2 receptors in the neurological system are activated when you consume CBD. It may help the ECS maintain the body's homeostasis since it may bind to or activate these receptors. This could benefit allergy sufferers!

Briefly about allergies

A chemical that can trigger an allergic reaction is known as an allergen. The immune system of some individuals perceives allergens as alien or threatening. The immune system produces a particular form of antibody known as IgE to defend itself against the allergen. Allergy symptoms result from this response.

There are many different types of allergies. The most common ones are allergies to food, drugs, dust, pollen, latex, animal dander, insect venom, etc. Different types of allergies tend to have various symptoms. For example, food allergy symptoms include hives, vomiting, diarrhea, and swelling. Pollen allergy symptoms are sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, and nasal congestion. 

Traditional treatment for allergy 

Although allergies affect a large portion of the population worldwide, there is no permanent solution. The primary methods for managing allergies, also known as "allergic rhinitis," include avoiding triggers and treating symptoms. For example, if someone is allergic to peanuts, they will keep themselves from enjoying a peanut-jelly sandwich. 

Of course, there are prescription and over-the-counter drugs like Zyrtec and Benadryl. In severe situations, allergy injections may be recommended. But most allergy medications have unpleasant side effects, including disorientation and dizziness.

Can CBD help with allergies?

Before we start discussing CBD's potential benefits in helping with allergies, it's important to remember that CBD isn't a magical cure-for-all. It shouldn't be used as a treatment in cases of severe allergic reactions. 

However, there are still some research findings that show that CBD can potentially aid in alleviating allergy symptoms. 

Research published in 2019 examined CBD's impact on allergic asthma. The symptoms in the mice treated with CBD, such as airway irritation, were lessened. According to research, CBD's anti-inflammatory properties may aid in treating contact dermatitis.

Another research found that CBD may have immunosuppressive effects on the respiratory system. This suggests that it could have some natural antihistamine effects. Anti-inflammatory medications can aid in the relief of symptoms, including inflammation in the nose, mouth, and throat. Since CBD contains anti-inflammatory qualities, such symptoms may be alleviated.

All of this research is still in the early stages, so we can't make any medical claims, but CBD's future looks promising.

How to choose the best CBD product?

The first thing to consider when choosing a CBD product for allergy is the type of the said product. CBD comes in many different forms and consistencies. Choosing the right one depends on personal preference. Available options include one of the best items for treating allergies-CBD nasal inhaler. It quickly opens airways and enhances breathing. CBD nasal sprays-It ascends your nose to relieve congestion and breathing issues rapidly. CBD oil tincture, which has been around since CBD's inception, is applied to the tongue or mixed into a drink. It does not instantly alleviate allergy symptoms. However, it may be used to boost the immune system over time.

After choosing the type of CBD product you want to purchase, it's time to find a reputable brand. Brand transparency is one of the most critical aspects of the whole process. Choose a brand that is transparent about where they get their CBD from. Third-party lab testing is an essential requirement for quality CBD. Primabee's CBD products check all the boxes. CBD tincture is made using premium quality CBD to ensure the best experience. 


Even though there is still much to learn about CBD and its effects, there is hope that it can help manage allergy symptoms. Ask your doctor about the best alternatives if you're thinking about using CBD to aid with symptom relief. Determine your symptoms and think about the products that will work best for you. Different people react differently to CBD.

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