CBD and Stress Management

CBD and Stress Management

With about one-third of people worldwide reporting feeling stressed, worried, and/or angry per Gallup Global Emotions Report in 2019, there is nothing unusual about feeling stressed. Stress is a crucial part of human existence and is even helpful in several ways. However, constant stress and worry can negatively impact your well-being and quality of life; thus, people constantly search for ways to manage stress using natural products. 

CBD is already part of millions of consumers' routines who report CBD is a helpful ingredient for relaxation. If you want to find a natural remedy to help with stress management, you probably wonder if CBD is the right choice for you. This article covers everything you need to know about CBD and stress management and how to use CBD products to achieve desired results.

Stress Symptoms

Identifying stress symptoms is the first and crucial way to manage stress. Commonly, people don't link their physical symptoms to excessive stress and fail to understand the root cause of experiencing them. According to Mayo Clinic, common physical stress symptoms are:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Upset stomach 
  • Sleep problems 
  • Change in sex drive
  • Muscle tension, and pain 

These symptoms are usually accompanied by mood problems such as anxiety and restlessness and behavioral outcomes such as substance abuse, social withdrawal, and lack of healthy habits such as exercising. 

Importance of Managing Stress

Numerous studies report a direct link between psychological stressors and poor physical and mental health. Moreover, increased stress levels result in poor job performance, higher medical costs, and impaired quality of life.

Preventing or managing stress is crucial to avoid its unwanted health outcomes and negative impact on your performance. Easier said than done, and millions struggle to find an effective method to deal with stress - especially chronic. Is CBD the answer to the problem? 

CBD and Stress 

Did you know that more than 60% of consumers in the U.S. use CBD for relaxation? Most of these consumers also report CBD as an effective ingredient for this purpose. If this is true, and this mighty cannabinoid can help consumers relax, it's safe to conclude it would be helpful for those trying to manage stress.

While there's still a lot to learn about CBD, evidence from human studies indicates the potential for CBD as a remedy for anxiety disorders. Moreover, in a study on using CBD for treating post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms, researchers found that oral CBD intake and routine psychiatric care resulted in PTSD symptom reduction in adults with PTSD.

Finally, a study among adults with insomnia suggested that consuming 160 mg/day of CBD increased total sleep time and reduced the frequency of arousals at night. People dealing with stress usually experience sleep difficulties, and not getting enough sleep increases stress levels. If CBD can help you achieve a better night's sleep, that's another indirect way it could help manage stress and its symptoms. 

Using CBD for Stress Relief

While today's CBD market offers endless options to consume CBD, people commonly use oral CBD to manage stress internally. These include:

CBD tinctures

These oral drops are the fastest acting due to sublingual blood vessels allowing CBD to bypass the digestive tract and liver and almost immediately enter the bloodstream. CBD tinctures like Primabee Lo2NoTHC* CBD oil tinctures are easy to administer sublingually. They allow easy and precise measurement and are many consumers' favorite.

CBD Softgels

CBD softgels offer a convenient and tasteless way to take CBD. They go through the digestive tract to deliver effects; thus, results might be delayed. Softgels contain a specific dose of CBD, so it's better to take them once you have determined your daily CBD dose for managing stress. You can find your CBD dose by starting with small amounts and gradually increasing the dosage until you experience the intended outcomes. 

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are the best choice for consumers with a sweet tooth. They offer the most delicious and fun CBD experience, are easy to take to places, and consume anytime throughout the day as needed. 

In Conclusion:

Most CBD consumers in the U.S. take CBD for relaxation, and several studies indicate CBD's stress-relieving properties. The best way to see if it can help you manage stress is to try using one of the ingestible CBD products – tinctures, softgels, or CBD gummies. Ensure the product you buy comes from a reputable CBD manufacturer and has undergone third-party lab testing ensuring its safety and quality. Good luck on your CBD journey from Primabee, and bee well!

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