CBD Capsules vs. Oil — What’s Best for Your Lifestyle?

CBD Capsules vs. Oil — What’s Best for Your Lifestyle?

The rising popularity of CBD has resulted in countless options consumers can choose from, and many wonder what’s the best form of CBD to take. CBD oil and CBD capsules are amongst the most popular product types, and CBD enthusiasts have long argued which one is the better choice. Frankly, there’s no ‘best form of CBD,’ and the right one depends on the consumer’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle habits. If you wonder whether CBD oil or capsules will be a better fit for your goals, here’s everything you need to know to make the proper selection.

CBD Oil vs. Capsules – What’s the Difference?

The best way to determine which CBD product type will be best for your lifestyle is to understand how CBD oil and Capsules differ from one another in terms of consumption methods, components, and the effects they produce.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a combination of two primary ingredients – CBD extract and plant-based carrier oil. It contains a certain amount of CBD in mg-s per bottle and less than .3% of psychoactive THC if it’s full-spectrum, or 0% THC when broad-spectrum.

Most commonly, CBD oil comes in the form of oral drops, also known as CBD tinctures. CBD tinctures usually have additional ingredients for a flavor that mask the bitter taste of CBD oil. They are administered sublingually; thus, CBD oil doesn’t need to travel through the digestive tract to make its way to the bloodstream, and because of that, it provides much faster results than other oral CBD products.

What are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules, also known as CBD softgels, are soft-shelled capsules containing CBD oil. Their soft shell is traditionally made from gelatin – an animal-derived protein; therefore, it’s not the best choice for vegans or consumers on a plant-based diet.

CBD capsules are consumed orally by swallowing. Each capsule contains a certain amount of cannabidiol, and before it reaches the bloodstream, the capsule needs to go through the digestive tract. Like tinctures, they are available in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options.

The Primary Differences between CBD Oil and CBD Capsules

Administration Methods

The most significant difference between CBD oil and capsules is the consumption method: oil is consumed sublingually, whereas softgels are taken orally. This difference results in capsules’ delayed effects. Sublingual blood vessels allow CBD to bypass the digestive tract, while softgels need to go through the digestive tract before affecting the body. You can start experiencing the effects of tinctures in about 15 minutes. In contrast, CBD capsules take about an hour to kick in.

Aside from the sublingual administration method, CBD tinctures allow way more ways of consumption. For example, you can add a few drops of the oil to your morning coffee, juices, smoothies, salads or use them for homemade CBD edibles.


Furthermore, CBD capsules are flavorless, but tinctures usually combine numerous ingredients for a savory and pleasant experience.


CBD capsules come in predetermined amounts of cannabidiol per capsule. Although you can take more capsules if you wish to take higher amounts, you can’t break each capsule apart to target a specific dose. For instance, if your daily dose is 40mg of CBD, and each capsule contains 25mg of cannabidiol, you can’t take 40mg but choose from taking less than desired, such as 25mg, or consuming more than the targeted dose such as 50mg. CBD oral drops, because they feature a measurement dropper, allow more careful dosing.

Which one is Better?

Whether CBD oil or capsules are a better choice depends on factors such as:

Lifestyle habits

If you want to consume CBD conveniently anytime throughout the day, capsules might be a better choice. That’s because taking oil sublingually might not be the most comfortable activity in front of other people, or a vehicle, for instance. However, like mentioned above, you can add oral drops to your beverages too. 

When you’re on a plant-based diet, taking CBD capsules might not be the best idea, as traditionally, they use animal-derived protein, gelatin, for their softshell.

Desired Outcomes

Both CBD oil and CBD capsules work the same way – through the interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Still, because of the difference in administration methods, their effects are slightly different. CBD oil is more bioavailable than softgels, which means your body will absorb more of the compound. So, if, for example, you consume the same amount of CBD through softgels and tinctures, tinctures might provide more robust results. Besides, like mentioned above, CBD through oil affects the body much faster than CBD capsules. 

Experience with CBD

If you are new to CBD, starting with capsules might not be the best idea. They contain predetermined CBD amounts, so you can’t experiment with doses. On the other hand, Tinctures allow you to start small and gradually increase the intake until you find the amount that works for your body and set the daily CBD dose. So, your experience with CBD consumption is also another factor to keep in mind before making a selection.

Choose Your CBD Products Wisely

Regardless of which products you choose, remember that the CBD market is unregulated, and many brands make false claims about their products. There’s a 70% chance of you selecting a mislabeled product, which can contain harmful ingredients, more than the federally allowed amount of psychoactive THC or less than the indicated amount of THC.

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