CBD & Easing Back-to-School Stress

CBD & Easing Back-to-School Stress

Online learning is giving way to traditional classroom instruction once more, and college students' stress levels are increasing. There's a lot to acclimate to in a new environment, new classes, new teachers, and new people. Even if you're eager to return, significant changes in your routine may throw you off. That's when CBD might be able to assist you. We'll talk about how CBD can help you relax and relieve discomfort from stress-related tension.

CBD for college students 

College students are stressed out. Eight out of ten college students report significant levels of stress. Surprisingly, individuals who struggle outweigh those who do not. 

Homesickness, financial and academic stress, and other problems all have an impact on college students and their peace of mind, which is almost non-existent in these circumstances. Furthermore, it's natural to be concerned or anxious about the future when you're still figuring out who you are and what you want.

According to a study, CBD appears to have significant potential as a therapy for various anxiety disorders, but further research is needed before making any medical claims. On the other hand, CBD consumers have already reported positive changes in stress and anxiety management with the use of CBD products.

CBD usage among college students has increased since its legalization and growing acceptance into mainstream media. One of the primary benefits of CBD is that it does not produce psychotropic effects. As a result, taking CBD has no negative impact on a student's ability to complete their academic tasks or engage in other activities. It's just a natural substance that may help you deal with stress.

One thing to bear in mind is that college students must be 21 or older to purchase CBD from a dispensary. However, students between the ages of 18 and 21 may buy CBD online, which is also a safe and easy way to get CBD.

Best products for college students

CBD products come in various ways. Anything you can imagine, from CBD oils to CBD vapes. CBD gummies are probably the most suitable option for students because of their convenience and also taste. They taste just like regular gummies and come in many different flavors. Our favorite is strawberry lemonade-flavored gummies from Primabee. Another great option for students is softgels since you can just take them on the go. 

CBD for parents

Parents with kids might be even more stressed out than college students. As a parent, you might be worried about your little one going to school for the first time and how well they will make new friends. You could be concerned about your high schooler getting good grades to get admitted to their dream university. The list is endless. 

Back to school means that your children's schedules will become considerably more hectic: school, sports practice, dances, and theater performances. This includes additional carpooling, scheduling, and helping with schooling. That's a lot to tackle without a little assistance. That's where CBD comes in. 

Wine o'clock has long been parents' favorite way to unwind, but now we've got a new contender for this job: CBD. And the amazing part about it is that it does not have the hazy side effects of alcohol or medicine. According to a study, using CBD oils and other CBD products can provide a much-needed benefit for improving a person's mental state of well-being. 

According to the World Health Organization, you don't have to be worried about regularly taking CBD since it does not appear to be addictive. One more great thing about CBD is its versatility. It comes in many different forms so anyone can easily find the right product for themselves. 

Best CBD products for parents

Parents usually prefer CBD tinctures and oils because of their versatility. You can add them to your favorite beverages, coffee, tea, or a pre-workout smoothie. Primabee’s oil tincture is an amazing option. CBD softgels with melatonin are quite popular among parents, which helps them get a well-deserved good night’s sleep. 

CBD for teachers 

This time of year, parents and college students aren't the only ones who are stressed. Teachers bear just as much, if not more, pressure. Teaching is definitely at the top of the stressful job list. According to a RAND survey, teachers are nearly three times more likely to experience symptoms of depression than people of other occupations. The job has become even more challenging after Covid-19 and online teaching implementation. 

With all these pressures, it's quite understandable for teachers to experience work burnout. That's why many teachers have implemented CBD in their daily routines. They usually prefer CBD that has been purified to ensure that it contains no THC. This prevents you from being high while also helping to relax your mind and body. Users report that CBD is an excellent approach to alleviate anxiety and produce a sense of calmness, which is absolutely needed when you have to teach a large group of kids or teenagers.

Best CBD products for teachers

Teachers' favorite CBD product is undoubtedly CBD tinctures, which they can mix with their morning coffee to start the day right. Another popular option is CBD gummies, which are a great quick between-the-breaks snack.


Whether it's stress from getting used to new environments, new people, or just stress that comes with the work, you might want to consider trying out CBD products. They can be a great addition to your daily routine, help you keep on track, and provide a sense of calmness throughout the day. Some CBD products might even aid in getting a good night's sleep after a stressful day to get all the energy back for the next day. 

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