Can CBD Help Calm Hyper or Anxious Dogs?

Can CBD Help Calm Hyper or Anxious Dogs?

It’s tough to feel your best when your best friends are struggling with anxiety and hyperactivity. Numerous reasons can make your dog anxious, and because it's sometimes impossible to change or affect external factors causing their distress, you might decide to look for natural ingredients that might help your dog calm down. If you have already given cannabidiol (CBD) a try, now, you may wonder if it can help your best friend live fully and enjoy everyday activities without feeling stressed and distracted.


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Can CBD Help Calm Hyper Dogs For Company And Travel?


Primabee Premium CBD from US Grown Organic Hemp - CBD for dogs blogAt Primabee, we love our four-legged family members, so we have invested a vast amount of energy and our time into learning how the famous hemp-derived compound can affect dogs, and here's everything you need to know.

 How to Tell if Your Dog is Anxious or Hyperactive?

If your pets suddenly start behaving in an unusual way, such as start excessively barking at other dogs, it may indicate they are dealing with anxiety. And if spinning in circles for a prolonged time becomes a habit, don't take necessarily it as a sign of their happiness, as it may indicate their hyperactiveness.

In short, here are a few symptoms that point to your dog's anxiety and hyper activeness:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Lack of energy or too much energy
  • Inability to relax
  • Depression
  • Lack of Interest in their favorite activities
  • Not responding to their name
  • Abnormal behavior such as running around the room or spinning in circles 
  • Panting
  • Excessive barking
  • Urinating or defecating in the house

And although the list goes on, if your gut feeling is telling you there's something wrong with your pet, then probably it's true. Talk with your veterinarian to identify the type of anxiety your dog suffers from and the possible causes. However, sometimes anxiety is due to factors you can't change, and such can be moving to a new place or a new noisy building site near your house, so you may want to find a natural relief for your four-legged family member.

Can CBD Produce the Same Effect in Dogs as in Humans? 

Because almost all the articles about CBD on the internet talk about the 'human endocannabinoid system' and how it plays a role in many bodily functions, one might assume that only humans have ECS, but that's not true. All animals have ECS as humans do; they exist in every area of the body and affect the functioning of different organs. CBD will similarly affect your dogs as it affects you – by binding to endocannabinoid receptors in their body.

Primabee Plant Based Wellness from Hemp - CBD for Dogs Blog Post

Is it Safe for Dogs to ingest CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive hemp-derived compound, unlike THC. You can be well assured it's safe for your pets to consume CBD as it won't make them 'high', which could be a very upsetting feeling for a pet. However, the CBD market is crowded, so getting a high-quality product requires more effort than one can imagine. Although CBD is safe for your dog, a mislabeled product can do more harm than good. Such products can contain more than the federally legal amount of THC, can be contaminated, feature residues from an extraction solvent, or have heavy metals and pesticides detrimental to your dog's health. When shopping for your pet's CBD, always buy top-quality hemp-derived CBD from a reputable brand that proves the quality through third-party lab test results.

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Will CBD Calm Your Dog Down?

From what we have learned from our experiences, CBD can become many dogs' best-loved product they expect to receive every day, just like we humans do. Moreover, every dog loves tasteful treats, and CBD products for dogs commonly provide your furry friends with flavorful solutions. However, you know your dog much better than we do, so the best way to see if it can help is to try it and see its results.

Primabee Dog Treats Provide Your Pet With Superior CBD

At Primabee, we have created our veterinarian-formulated Happy Dog Broad-Spectrum CBD dog treats to provide pet parents with a natural solution for plant-based healing. It's all-natural, allergen-free, and highly effective for bolstering your dog's health, overall well-being and will help them to find balance. Our dog treat provides your pets with natural hemp-based Lo2NoTHC* CBD, which is legal in all 50 states, so they won't break any law or get 'high,' so it's a safe product for them to consume.

At Primabee, we prioritize the well-being of not only humans but your lovely dogs, who might need CBD just like their parents. We combine the highest-quality USA-grown hemp, the industry's best manufacturing methods, immense CBD knowledge, and our passion for hemp-derived products to provide the finest solutions on the market for everyone to optimize their wellness. 

All our products are:

  • Vegan Friendly / Gluten-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Legal in All 50 States
  • USA Grown / Non-GMO
  • LO2NoTHC* - Remove unwanted THC and refine our CBD to remove undesired compounds like wax, chlorophyll, and plant pigments.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Third-party lab tested

Each batch is third-party tested, trusted, and effective. So, don't get too stressed while looking for relief for your stressed dog because you don't need to overwhelm yourself to find the best product. Order CBD Dog Treats today, and we will deliver the flavorful bites for your dog straight to your door with a money-back guarantee.

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  • Cynthia

    Hi Paul,
    We are going to add the dog chews to our new rescue dogs ( Piper ) diet. She has been with us since October, and has made wonderful progress adjusting to a new and safe place. She came with lots of fear and anxiety, and is working through a lot , but finding very obvious comfort and safety in her new home. There is no “one particular “ reason to introduce the dog chews, but I want to see if they contribute to her peace of mind, when given as a regular daily supplement. I am thinking it Might be helpful if I monitor and share the improvements with you, so you can share with your doggie customers. 🐶

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