Our Feature in Cape Cod Life Magazine

Our Feature in Cape Cod Life Magazine
CHATHAM, MA – August 2, 2023 – Featured in Cape Cod Life magazine, Primabee, a Cape Cod-based CBD company, provides Boston and Cape Cod residents with a natural solution for pain relief and overall wellness.

The recent article, "Healing Powers - Harnessing the Power of CBD, a Local Chatham Company Provides Effective Relief for Those with Pain," appeared in the July 2023 issue of Cape Cod Life. It details the journey of co-founder Paul Bordé, who, after experiencing a significant golf injury, found his path to recovery through cannabidiol-based (CBD) products. This experience led him to establish Primabee in 2020, a top-tier CBD brand in the Boston and Cape Cod area, offering various CBD products designed to support the body’s natural balance.

"By identifying deficiencies in your body and working to support them, CBD helps achieve homeostasis,” Bordé, a leading authority on CBD's health benefits in Boston, explains.

Primabee's CBD products disrupt inflammation and encourage the body's healing process, unlike traditional over-the-counter medications that merely mask pain. This approach has made them a go-to wellness product for Boston and Cape Cod residents seeking natural self-care options.

Featured in high-end retailers and spas across Boston and Cape Cod, Primabee's high-quality CBD products have made a significant mark. The Spa at Chatham Bars Inn, a premier spa in Cape Cod, has incorporated Primabee's sports cream into their massage treatments due to its maximum potency and efficacy.

Sheri Thimas, Spa Director at Chatham Bars Inn, says, “Our guests who have used Primabee's CBD treatments have consistently given positive feedback. Many purchase our Sports Cream or Recovery Cream to continue experiencing relief from muscle soreness at home.”

Primabee's CBD products are available at the Spa at Chatham Bars Inn and online at Primabee.com. They are perfect for Boston and Cape Cod residents seeking natural pain relief. The article in Cape Cod Life can be found at https://capecodlife.com/cape-health-primabee/

For more information about Primabee’s CBD products and their transformative benefits or to purchase, visit Primabee.com.

About Primabee

Primabee is a Cape Cod-based CBD company providing high-quality CBD products to Boston and Cape Cod residents. Established in 2020, Primabee is committed to creating ethical, transparent, and potent CBD products that support individual wellness and balance—Discover Primabee's broad spectrum of CBD products at the Spa at Chatham Bars Inn or at Primabee.com.

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