Sleep and CBD — Sleep Awareness Month

Sleep and CBD — Sleep Awareness Month

The startling reality is that around 50-70 million Americans struggle with challenging sleep disorders, according to the American Sleep Apnea Association.

Sleep deprivation can manifest in a variety of ways. For some, it can be caused by simply staying awake because of work or activities rather than sleeping. Others may sleep but not get enough restful sleep, so they still feel tired when they wake up. 

Sleep deprivation can affect anyone and is a prevalent but treatable condition. It leads to low energy and lack of concentration and can contribute to many health issues. 

A good night's sleep improves one's quality of life, but as we see, millions of people find this challenging. Adults should typically receive 7-9 hours of sleep every night, adolescents need 8-10 hours, and young children need 9-12 hours. If you are one of the millions who struggle to get rest every night, below are tips for better sleep.

Tip 1: Create a sleep schedule

We break bad habits by creating new ones. Bedtime and wake time must be the same daily to develop a routine. Follow this schedule on weekends as much as possible. Going to bed at a decent time can be an excellent opportunity to catch up on a physical book. 

Tip 2: Get some exercise

Exercise benefits your physical well-being and has been proven to help you fall asleep more quickly. Exercising will help combat sleep's worst enemies - anxiety and stress because your brain releases chemicals that alleviate stress and anxiety. One thing is sure; your body will be too tired from exercise to toss and turn and night.

Tip 3: Remove electronic devices from the bedroom

The bright electronic light can cause increased alertness, keep you up and absorbed, and ultimately causes you to stay up beyond bedtime. As a result, the brain is impeded from releasing melatonin – the sleep hormone.

Tip 4: Avoid caffeine late in the day

Most people drink coffee in the morning to wake up, but caffeine taken at night can be harmful because it stimulates the central nervous system producing a burst of energy. Caffeine prevents sleepiness by blocking the adenosine receptor - a chemical in your body that makes you sleepy.

Drinking caffeine late can result in insomnia, anxiety, and interrupted sleep because it takes longer for the body to process caffeine.

A natural alternative to coffee to get the edge off is a caffeine-free tea like chamomile. It is prepared from a plant whose calming properties make it frequently used to encourage sleep. Chamomile tea is also advantageous. It has flavonoids that could interact with receptors in the brain that are also involved in the transition from rest to wakefulness.

Tip 5: Try a natural remedy

Besides exercise and caffeine-free teas, other natural remedies help you fall asleep. 

What is CBD? Also known as a cannabinoid, CBD extracted from hemp has been shown to improve sleep. It is not impairing, doesn't cause a high, and doesn't bring the same effects as THC - a chemical found in marijuana. Also, CBD does not cause dependency. 

CBD, combined with simple tips and habits, has been shown to help get better sleep and achieve optimal physical and mental performance.

Adding CBD to your daily routine is safe and easy. There are many kinds of CBD products in the market, such as oils, gummies, softgels, and ointments. People take CBD for various reasons, and some use it to combat daily stress. 

There are various ways to incorporate CBD into your nighttime routine. You need to decide on the right product to use, particularly one that has melatonin, like the CBD Sleep Support Softgels with CBN and Melatonin, specially formulated to support better sleep and enhance relaxation.  Melatonin is a crucial hormone that plays a vital role in our sleep-wake cycle, but due to numerous reasons, many people lack it in their bodies. Melatonin, paired with CBD, is a great solution to help you combat sleep disorders.

The substance's concentration, weight, the condition being treated, and the  appropriate dosage all play a role. The key to seeing results is incorporating CBD into your nighttime routine and making it a habit.

At Primabee, we have extensive knowledge of CBD and a passion for hemp-derived products to provide the best solutions. We put your health first and combine the best manufacturing practices in the industry with the highest-quality hemp grown in the United States. 

March is National Sleep Awareness Month, dedicated to seeking and improving ways to improve our quality of sleep. Sleep well.

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