Upcoming Primabee Events

Upcoming Primabee Events

 Upcoming Event: Saturday, June 18th at 10:30am-12:30pm

Join us at ACKcetera Gifts & Home Store located at 122 Pleasant Street on Nantucket to learn more about CBD and support local

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Upcoming Event: Saturday, June 25th at 12-4pm 

Join us at Cape Cod Lavender Farm located off Weston Woods Rd in Harwich, MA for more CBD and Lavender information and even free samples! 


Our Zen Roll-On Hemp & Lavender Essential Oil is a collaboration of like-minded folks from Cape Cod coming together to offer great natural products to enhance your wellness. We are dedicated to natural support for body, mind, and soul. Our products are always handcrafted in small batches, using pure ingredients without artificial colorants, perfumes, or harsh preservatives.

Cape Cod Lavender Farm was born 25 years ago out of a love for the herb Lavender — the herb of peace, purification, sleep, and longevity. Located on Cape Cod, they grow lavender and produce a line of pure and healthful lavender products for the bath, body, and home, using only the highest-grade lavender essential oil.

Primabee was created from a desire to become more centered on balance and wellness — to be healthier in our daily lives.  As a perfect example, look no further than how honeybees live their lives. They bring the sweetness of the flowers to us, while making the world abundantly more fertile as they magically continue this caravan of nature’s alchemy through their vital work. And just like the Primabee in our logo and tagline, we think of everyone as an integral part of our colony ecosystem — from sourcing our hemp from the best ethical farms in the USA and our custom formulators who create the purest, most bioavailable Broad-Spectrum CBD products on the market, to our staff, and you, our customers — as part of our family.

Primabee and Cape Cod Lavender Farm are committed to producing products that support and enhance a healthful way of life.

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