Welcome to Primabee / CBD 101

Welcome to Primabee / CBD 101
Welcome to The Hive!

We would like to officially welcome you to our family! We are new here and figured it would be best to officially introduce ourselves. PrimaBee is geared to prioritize health and wellness by offering premium CBD products to nurture yourself and plant-based healing. Yes, there are plenty of CBD brands from which you can purchase your products, but do they have the same goals in mind as you? Let us first introduce our founders; Paul Borde and Stephen Crane. Paul comes from the hospitality business, having owned bars and restaurants around the country in his previous career.  He lives in Chatham MA with his wife and (2) very active Jack Russell Terriers.  He is an active golfer, fly fisherman and racket player.  Oh, and he loves the (4) seasons of New England! He gets along so well with his business partner Stephen, probably because they live (and work) so far apart from each other -geographically speaking- literally on the opposite side of the country!

Two years ago, Paul found himself sitting in his chiropractor’s office in tremendous pain; his L4 had popped out. Longing for more years of fly fishing, Paul was determined to make a lifestyle change. His chiropractor told him along with more regular chiro visits, he needed to include CBD into his daily routine. Luckily, the doc had some there to try. After two weeks, Paul was convinced this was going to help him. There was just one problem- where does he start?! After searching the internet and finding conflicting information, confusing labels, and downright less than stellar business practices, Paul saw the light. What the world needed was a CBD brand they could trust, that lead with education, and had best-in-class products & customer service.Welcome to Primabee Premium CBD products from US grown Non GMO Hemp

Honeybees live their lives in harmony.  They take care of each other in so many amazing ways, including support, clockwork consistency, commitment, loyalty and even love.  Yes, it has been scientifically proven that Honeybees feel emotion and even work more efficiently when they are happy! Thus, PrimaBee is born. It is important to us that we support and love one another, are committed to bringing the best-in-class products, and most importantly are consistent. We offer USA Grown and Non-GMO CBD products. All our products are 3rd party batch tested for potency and purity, offer Lo2NoTHC*, are vegan friendly and gluten free, and legal in all 50 states. We don’t just introduce a new product because it’s possible, we introduce them because we truly believe in them and use them ourselves. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, and the promise that our products are what you have been looking for. We have extremely competitive price points, our products will not make you high, they will support your mind and body as well as overall health and wellbeing.

Our hemp is farmed right here in the US, extraction is done using a supercritical Co2 process, further refined to remove as much THC as possible, manufactured in a cGMP facility, and then third party tested to again ensure potency and purity. It is important to us that we deliver you the best CBD products on the market, and it should be just as important to you, the customer.
Welcome to Primabee Premium CBD from US grown non GMO Hemp
In just a short amount of time, we have had the opportunity to meet many of our customers and see how our products are shaping their lives. It is a great feeling to continually receive positive feedback from our growing family. We have been able to educate our customers with the most up to date information we have, while also talking with leading experts about the future. We are often asked now that we’re open for business, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. We could talk about the growth charts, the rigorous R&D path we have ahead of us, or even research partnerships to further the industry and education- but truly, it’s simpler than that; we want to be a well-respected blue-chip brand in the hemp space that has earned a reputation of being trustworthy, transparent and innovative, all with a prognosticated vision.
Welcome to Primabee Premium CBD products from US grown Non GMO Hemp

We invite you to join our family, the Bee Hive if you will, and experience what sets us apart. We look forward to growing with you.

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