Which Primabee Product is Right for You?

Which Primabee Product is Right for You?

In 2021 CBD is booming, and if you are thinking about trying hemp-derived CBD, you should start with finding the right fit for you to add to your daily routine. Not all CBD is created equal; different products provide varying ingredients, and the quality of CBD also differs amongst brands on the market. Luckily you don't need to browse between countless brands and products; Primabee offers a wide selection of finest-quality CBD products you can use for your specific needs

Finding high-quality premium CBD is no longer a hustle; our premium CBD line provides everyone with a great place to start their CBD journey with our vegan and gluten-free options. Here you can shop for the best CBD with all-natural ingredients to elevate your wellness routine.

Shopping for CBD can come with many questions, and although you've already chosen the reputable and premium brand to shop from, you may still wonder which Primabee products are right for you.


Lo2NoTHC* Broad-Spectrum CBD Products

CBD Oil Tincture

Tinctures are a great place to start for newcomers. They come with a convenient dropper allowing you to measure the amount of the compound to consume. Most importantly, Primabee CBD oil tinctures are the fastest-acting premium broad-spectrum products. It's easy and convenient to take them sublingually -the blood vessels under the tongue allow fast absorption of the compound. 

Our CBD tinctures are alcohol-free, and Lo2NoTHC* - we take an additional step to remove THC from our products. Primabee Broad-Spectrum CBD oils combine all active cannabis compounds, except THC, to harness the 'entourage effect, which boosts results from cannabis compounds when combined in a product. Here you can choose between different strengths - the CBD amount per bottle.

Primabee Premium CBD Hemp Oil Gummies


Our CBD gummies provide the most tasteful way of getting started with CBD. They are convenient to carry around and easy to consume anytime during the day. Primabee gummies feature a predetermined dose of CBD, which is 10mg per piece. You can choose between strawberry lemonade or green apple – whichever fits your taste buds.

Each resealable and recyclable pack contains 30 gummies with 10mg of premium Primabee Lo2NoTHC* Broad-Spectrum CBD. Like all our products, gummies are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and made from only natural ingredients and USA Grown hemp.


Those looking for tasteless and convenient solutions may want to try Primabee easy-to-swallow Maintenance + Essentials CBD Softgels. Each softgel contains premium Broad-Spectrum nanoemulsion CBD oil that gives you desired results every time. Like our delicious gummies, softgels also come in predetermined CBD amounts - 25mg per serving and 750 mg per container (30 servings) and they are easy to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Adding Primabee CBD softgels to your wellness routine is easy and convenient; moreover, they deliver faster results than many other softgels on the market thanks to nanoemulsion technology shrinking CBD particles into nano molecules, making them water-soluble. 


Everyone deserves a good night's sleep, yet many different factors keep us awake. 

When looking for a product to add to your nighttime routine for better sleep and relaxation, you may want to choose our premium softgels with CBN + melatonin.

Melatonin plays a crucial role in our sleep-wake cycle and is essential for overall health. Numerous health conditions may cause reduced melatonin levels in the body, and when your brain doesn't produce enough of this hormone, falling asleep becomes a challenge.

We have formulated the new CBD Sleep Support Softgels with CBN and to support better sleep and enhance relaxation. 

Thanks to the advanced nanoemulsion technology, Primabee Broad Spectrum CBD is much more easily absorbed and delivers much faster results than many other softgels. 

Primabee Premium CBD Hemp Oil Topicals


CBD topicals are easy to apply directly to the skin For those with an active lifestyle. 

Our luxurious Soothe + Hydrate Broad-Spectrum CBD salve is an expertly formulated topical for skin, muscle, and joint support. It contains only natural ingredients like organic MCT oil and beeswax, our premium CBD, and essential oils. Our salve will be a perfect companion on your adventures as it's easy to pack in a bag and apply when needed.

Our CBD  Sports Cream is an excellent choice for those who need a convenient way to support their workout regimen. It will provide you with the cooling effect of camphor and menthol with 400 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD.

Premium CBD bath bombs are the perfect choice to transform your bath into the aromatic and sensuous all-body experience with top-grade hemp-derived CBD. Your stress and worries will dissolve, just like our premium bath bombs.

Our Queen Bee Spa Package combines our premium CBD Sports Cream and CBD bath bombs, a 100% natural soy lavender candle from Candles by Tarazza, and a pure dried lavender sachet, lavender lather soap, and dark chocolate lavender chocolate from Cape Cod Lavender Farms. It's a great combo to Soothe and hydrate your skin and escape the daily stress.

 Primabee Premium CBD Hemp Oil for pets

CBD for Pets

CBD Dog Treats 

And finally, when you're looking for ways to share your favorite hemp-derived CBD with your loving pets, you can shop for Our veterinarian-formulated Happy Dog Broad-Spectrum CBD dog treats. We know your pets love what their owners consume, and if your dog is keeping you a company when you take your daily dose of CBD, CBD dog treats will allow you to share the top-grade hemp-derived CBD with your four-legged friends. Our CBD dog treats with beef flavor will become your pets' favorite snack. Like all our products, they are made and manufactured from the finest USA-grown hemp and contain the premium broad-spectrum CBD.

Get Started Today!

Regardless of your lifestyle, our broad assortment of products will provide anyone with the right fit. If you have questions about our products, or CBD in general, don't hesitate to contact us – our team will be happy to assist you in finding the right fit. 

  • At Primabee, all our products are:
  • NON-GMO 
  • Lo2NoTHC*

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