Why Can't You Buy Good CBD on Amazon?

Why Can't You Buy Good CBD on Amazon?

Amazon is the leading e-commerce company in the United states, with net sales of 470 Billion, according to 2021 statistics. Considering the scale of this e-retailer, one might think you can purchase everything you can think of. But that is not quite right, you actually can not buy good CBD on Amazon, and there are a couple of reasons for that. If you'd like to find out what these reasons are, stick around until the end of this article. 

Difference between label: hemp oil and CBD

So imagine a scenario where you finally decide to try out CBD products after hearing the buzz about it for quite a while now, and you go on to amazon since that's where you purchase most of the things. 

When you search for CBD, most results are labeled 'hemp oil' or 'hemp extract.' A little confusing, right? Although CBD oils are made from hemp, there is still quite a difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. Allow us to elaborate. The hemp oil products are derived from hemp seeds and often contain no CBD. In contrast, CBD products are derived from hemp leaves and flowers and preserve significantly more of the plant's active chemicals.

Reasons why you can't buy good CBD on Amazon

Amazon's policy

Amazon has a long list of "restricted" items that cannot be sold on its site or may only be sold under certain conditions. The list also includes CBD products. 

For CBD products to be deemed legal, they should be derived from hemp and shouldn't contain more than 0.3% THC. Although the majority of CBD oil on Amazon is described as having no THC, nothing is assured without test findings. However, even if a CBD product is produced from hemp, it is still subject to FDA regulation. 

Amazon sells tens of thousands of items. It is significantly more manageable for the corporation to restrict all CBD products than to decide whether they comply with all the regulations case-by-case. 

Risks of purchasing from unauthorized sellers 

If you buy a CBD product on Amazon, you may not know who the seller is or where the product is coming from. This implies you might buy a product that isn't authentic or of excellent quality. It usually is safer to buy from a recognized seller or manufacturer you know and trust because these businesses are more likely to have strict quality assurance systems to guarantee their goods' safety and efficacy.

The harm in buying CBD products that are not what the label says they are

Buying a CBD product that is different from what the label says is not a good case scenario for anyone involved. Although some brands try to get away with some tricks and sell products that don't contain as much CBD as they claim to or don't contain high-quality ingredients, in the long run, they're just 'brand burning.' 

Here are a few potential harms of buying CBD products that are not what the label claims:

Impurities: If a CBD product doesn’t comprise high-quality materials, it may include contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, or other potentially hazardous elements. These toxins might be harmful to you and have significant consequences.

Ineffectiveness: A CBD product must contain the quantity of CBD claimed on the label to be effective in providing the possible advantages you desire. This can be aggravating and may lead you to continue looking for a solution that works, potentially losing time and money.

Research of 84 CBD products discovered that a substantial fraction included more or less CBD than stated, as well as undeclared and high THC levels. CBD products with more than the 0.3% THC amount authorized by the 2018 Farm Bill are classified as restricted drugs, and their makers and sellers face legal consequences. Since it's pretty challenging to determine whether Amazon sellers are trustworthy, purchasing CBD products directly from reputable brands is best. 

How to buy CBD from a trusted source?

Although buying CBD products on Amazon might sound like the most straightforward option initially, after reading this article, it should be clear that better options are available. Buying anything you desire online has never been easier. A simple google search and a little research could be enough to find reputable CBD brands offering premium quality products through third-party lab testing. Purchasing straight from the manufacturer guarantees that the product has been thoroughly tested and labeled and contains the specified quantity of CBD. Primabee CBD products tick off all boxes and are an excellent option for starting your CBD journey. 


Having a pleasant experience with CBD dramatically depends on its quality, so you want to ensure you're buying premium products. Although there might be good quality CBD available on Amazon, you can never be sure whether it's precisely what the label says. So it's highly recommended to purchase CBD straight from manufacturers and reputable brands to save yourself from a headache and wasted money on a product that isn't what it claims to be.

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