Why CBD is Not Working for You

Why CBD is Not Working for You

CBD sales have spiked in 2021, and the natural cannabis compound has been booming in popularity in the U.S. for several years. You probably have heard many claims about CBD's benefits and stories of how it helped others with numerous issues and start wondering why the so famous cannabis ingredient doesn't provide any results for you or why CBD isn't working. You may even begin to think CBD isn't for you and start blaming your body and mind for not responding to what many like to call the 'miracle cannabis compound.' Although you may already feel disappointed and decide to give up on CBD, in this article, we'll discuss some of the common reasons why CBD is not working for you so that you can fine-tune your CBD routine and start benefiting from the famous compound.

Incorrect Dosing

One of the most common reasons for CBD products not delivering results is incorrect dosing. Even though 20 mg of CBD per day may work wonders for your friend, it may not have the same effect on your body. Before you set the daily dose of CBD and choose which product to use, it's essential to find the dose that works for your body. The amount of CBD required to see its results depends on varying factors such as your goals, body chemistry, body weight, gender, and health conditions.

Solution: Starting small and increasing the intake of CBD is far the best way to set the correct daily dose of CBD. When beginning your CBD journey, it's better to start small, such as 10mg daily, and gradually increase the CBD intake until you start experiencing the desired outcome. The best product to use before setting the daily CBD dose is a CBD tincture. Unlike softgels and edibles that come in premeasured CBD doses, CBD tinctures allow you to measure the amount of CBD carefully.

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Low-Quality Mislabeled CBD Products

Although all CBD oil brands claim to provide the best CBD on the market, many don't prove the quality and sell poor quality, low-grade solutions to their customers. 70% of products on the crowded CBD market are mislabeled. Such products often contain lower concentrations of CBD than indicated on the label, and in the worst-case scenario, don't contain CBD at all. If there is no quality CBD in your product, it won't deliver any expected effects. Moreover, mislabeled products can feature more than the federally allowed amount of THC and produce unwanted mind-altering symptoms.  

Solution: Never trust unproven claims. The best way to ensure you are getting an effective and safe high-quality CBD product is to look for third-party lab test results that confirm the ingredients in the bottle. Reputable brands make test results available online, and if you cannot see them, consider other buying options.

Irregular Intake

Did you take CBD last month for the first time and the second time last week? Then, most likely, you haven't experienced any significant effects from it either time. In most cases, you should take CBD daily to see its results. Having a regular CBD routine is the  most crucial aspect that determines the consistent effects of CBD on your body. Although some people may experience immediate effects from CBD products, commonly, it takes time to feel CBD's results. 

Solution: Create a schedule for taking CBD products depending on your routine so you won't forget to take your daily dose of CBD. You may want to start your day with CBD and take it in the morning right after your breakfast or bring CBD at work to have it before your lunch. If you aim to improve your sleep schedule with CBD oil, it's best to add it to your evening routine. When you choose topicals to enhance your exercise, it's best to use them before or after your workout sessions. 

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Are You Looking for Effective CBD Products You Can Trust?

Please don't get too frustrated when your CBD oil product doesn't provide any results, and you think it's due to its quality. Many newcomers in a rush to start the famous cannabis ingredient believe the false claims and acquire a low-quality product that doesn't deliver expected outcomes. Everyone deserves a second chance! Luckily, you don't need to browse hundreds of online sites to find a product that works. At Primabee, everything we offer is of the highest quality, and we prove our claims through third-party lab testing so that you know what to expect from the purchase.  

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