Can CBD Help Me Deal With Stress and Burnout at Work?

Can CBD Help Me Deal With Stress and Burnout at Work?

Stress and burnout at work reduce productivity and drain your energy. Constant stress at work can cause numerous health problems and affect every aspect of your life. Can CBD help? Find out below.

40% of workers reported their job was very or extremely stressful in a 2021 survey, so if you feel stressed at work, you are not alone. 

Every job is somewhat stressful, especially when you aren't physically and mentally fit. However, if you don't find a solution to help find a life-work balance, you will reach a state of burnout. That's when you no longer find the motivation to complete your tasks, and if you do find it, they seem incredibly stressful and impossible to achieve. 

Common burnout symptoms include:

  • Reduced performance
  • Concentration problems
  • Anxiety
  • Indecisiveness
  • Lack of energy and motivation
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Alienation from job-related activities
  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Self-doubt
  • Cynical outlook

Burnout, although the same term for everyone, varies from person to person. So don't expect to experience all of the symptoms above, or only those we have listed here. You know you have reached burnout when you feel helpless, can't perform well at work, and are exhausted, and the symptoms are just getting worse.

What Causes Burnout?

Has someone ever called you a workaholic? 

Did you feel complimented?

Yes, we are all passionate about our jobs, especially when we first start, but working long hours for a prolonged time and compromising your health takes a toll on your mental and physical well-being. 

However, working hard doesn't always mean you are a workaholic or that all workaholics experience burnout. The primary reason causing work burnout is ongoing work stress. It is common, especially during stressful situations such as the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, which brought changes in your work environment or because now you are working from home where the line between your job and personal life has disappeared. 

Once you reach the state of burnout, your productivity also decreases, so even when you spend too much time on your job, you achieve too little. As you spend more time working, you feel more stressed and exhausted, and suddenly you might start losing your motivation. Things you could achieve almost without an effort now seem like a challenge. 

The more you work, the more stressed and drained you are, and the more stressed you are, the poorer your work performance.  

Luckily you can break the cycle, and most probably, you are reading this article to find out if CBD can help deal with stress and burnout at work.

How Can CBD Help Fight Work Stress and Burnout?

Wellness trends come and go, but CBD seems to be here to stay. 1 in 3 Americans has already used CBD. Millions in the U.S. and around the globe have already incorporated CBD into their daily routines, and the number of CBD enthusiasts only keeps rising.

While we cannot tell precisely how many consumers use CBD to fight work stress and burnout, per the 2019 US CBD consumer report, 50% of them use CBD for relaxation. 78,9% of these consumers find CBD to be helpful. Because stress is the leading factor for burnout, finding a way to ease stress can significantly help improve your work performance, and of course, help overcome and prevent burnout. 

How Does CBD Work?

CBD is a natural, hemp-derived cannabinoid that interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in the human body. The newly discovered system plays a crucial role in many body processes, including pain, memory, sleep, appetite, and stress responses.

Humans, like cannabis plants, produce cannabinoids called endocannabinoids. These endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters activate cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system to play a role and regulate various physiological functions of humans. Cannabinoids like CBD are structurally similar to endocannabinoids. When you consume CBD, it can work similarly to endocannabinoids and play a role in its functioning.

The interaction with ECS receptors results in varying outcomes. How CBD affects your body and mind depends on individual factors, so to see its effectiveness in fighting work stress is best to try it. 

How Much CBD Should I Take for Stress?

Unfortunately, there’s no universal formula for calculating the right CBD amount CBD to take for stress and the dosage varies for each consumer. The amount of CBD it takes to see results depends on numerous factors, including lifestyle, goals, body chemistry, body weight, and health conditions. Read our article Which Dosage is Right for me for tips to help determine the proper daily amount of CBD.

Will CBD Show Up on A Drug Test?

If your job requires regular drug testing, you might feel worried about consuming a cannabis-derived product, even if it's not psychoactive. When feeling stressed and burnt out, losing your job due to a failed drug test isn't the best way out, so now you probably want to know if CBD can show up on a drug test. 

First things first, CBD is federally legal, and it's significantly different from marijuana. CBD derived from marijuana's non-psychoactive cousin plant hemp, doesn't cause psychoactive symptoms, and won't get users high.

Secondly, no drug tests screen for CBD; they search for THC metabolites, so CBD itself won't cause a problem. However, CBD products, per federal law, can contain up to .3% THC – these products are called full-spectrum CBD. Many unreliable CBD brands make unproven claims about their products and provide more than federally legal THC amounts. Mislabeled CBD products are widespread on the CBD market, and sometimes they can be the reason for false-positive testing for THC.

To ensure you are consuming a safe product, always look for third-party lab test results confirming the ingredients and their amounts as indicated on the label.

Get Started With Premium-Quality CBD at Primabee

CBD might sound helpful, but finding a high-quality CBD product can get stressful.

When dealing with stress and burnout, searching for the premium product amongst countless products on the overcrowded market can sound daunting, and luckily there's no need. 

At Primabee, we have options for everyone with our wide assortment of products. We supply our customers with top-grade CBD products that combine only safe and effective ingredients. 

Our products are:

  • Free of harsh chemicals and pesticides
  • Safe to consume daily
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Vegan Friendly / Gluten-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Legal in All 50 States
  • USA Grown / Non-GMO
  • LO2NoTHC* - removing the unwanted THC and refining our CBD to remove undesired compounds like wax, chlorophyll, and plant pigments.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
When searching for a CBD product to balance your work stress, Primabee is the place to start your journey. Here you can nurture yourself with premium CBD and add it to your self-care routine without worrying about unwanted effects. So when looking for the best results from CBD, look no further! Order your products today, and we will deliver them straight to your door for free.

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