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Primabee Gift Card

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Support your loved ones with a little gift from Mother Nature. 

Give them the gift of choosing the Primabee product they love best! They will be able to choose exactly what they want and have fun exploring more premium CBD or getting their favorite go-to!

This is a virtual e-gift card and will be sent automatically to the email input at checkout.

Now the fine print...

This virtual gift card can be redeemed on any product online on and is not redeemable for cash.

It can be combined with other vouchers from Primabee. Replacements can not be provided if the voucher is lost, stolen, damaged or used.

Why Primabee CBD?

CBD is a word you hear all over the place these days. You hear people talking about the significant benefits they’re experiencing while using CBD. You might have chatted with your friends and family about CBD and are wondering what’s the CBD stuff all about. There’s a lot of information flying around, so you’ll want to get the facts straight.

Superior Grade CBD
We take the highest-quality USA grown hemp and apply the industry's best manufacturing methods and formulations to create some of the finest CBD for people looking for natural support.
No THC is detectable in our products according to our lab reports.

USA-Grown Hemp
We source our hemp from high-quality ethical farms that grow their phytocannabinoid rich hemp under strict guidelines without pesticides or herbicides in contaminate-free nutrient-rich soil in the United States.

This brings a level of safety, quality and purity to our raw materials rarely found in the industry while ensuring potency and consistency of our products.

Are you curious to learn more?

New to CBD?

Starting a CBD regimen can raise a lot of questions.

What do I buy? How much do I take? Is it right for me?

We understand, we were once asking the same questions. So we have put together a list of answers for many of these topics to help on this new journey.